Growing Strawberries

For 2019 I am adding strawberry plants to the garden. I started with strawberries in 2018 with some alpine strawberry plants that my best friend Tina gave me, but those were quickly overrun by weeds. This year I’ve selected a better spot: they will go in a raised bed with my rose bushes.

Strawberry Varieties I am Growing

From Seed:

Temptation Strawberry.
British everbearing variety. Compact plants, does not readily set runners.
Seed started March 16, 2019 on heat mats.

From Plants:

Old North Sea Strawberry.
Medium sized June bearing. Cold hardy. Old variety from Denmark that was originally found growing in an ancient viking village site. Rare. Ordered 2019 from

Ozark Beauty Strawberry. Purchased 2019 as an impulse purchase from Marcs. Their source: Degroot (Plant Nursery in Coloma, Michigan).


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