Before and after photos as I begin building my edible and perennial landscaping for my (somewhat) deer resistant front foundation beds. As with all else, this is a “from scratch” design. 

This is the garden as it looked in spring of 2016, shortly after we had moved in and after I had added Sweet Peet for the garden. My design plans at this point were fairly general. I knew I wanted to include pollinators, perennial and native pollinator flowers, roses, herbs, edible landscaping, fruit trees and shrubs, and possibly a flowering dogwood. That, and it had to be deer resistant, as we are surrounded by a wooded area full of deer.

This is the front foundation garden in September of 2017. I have it planted with roses, mums, coneflowers, helenium, mint, lambs ears, onions, sage, thyme, catnip, lovage, an Apricot tree, rosemary, leeks, french sorrel, blood-veined sorrel, globe artichokes, prickly pear cacti, and hostas (to name a few of the plants that you see here). It’s a work in progress. I have deer netting around the apricot tree and roses.

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